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The Parish Council is the first tier in the structure of Local Government. The Parish of Whalley lies within the Borough of the Ribble Valley, which in turn is a part of the County of Lancashire.

The village of Whalley is represented at Parish level by 9 Parish Councillors, at Borough level by 2 Borough Councillors and forms a part of the rural area of north-east Lancashire represented by 1 County Councillor. Contact details for all the elected Councillors can be found on the websites of the various Councils.

The Parish Council meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December) in the Old Grammar School, King Street, Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9RH at 7.30pm. Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings and have the opportunity to speak and inform councillors of their views. Whalley Parish Council prides itself on its accessibility to the public, and the members wish to represent all views of the residents of Whalley.

The Parish Council has various local responsibilities. As a landowner, the Council looks after the area of Vale Gardens and the village Church yard. The QEII playing fields are leased by the Parish Council to a management committee. The Council has a number of seats located both in the centre of the village and in the surrounding countryside which it maintains. The Parish Council is also responsible for the maintenance of the village War Memorial.

Parish Councillors are not paid for their time or their work. The Council does employ a part-time Clerk who administers the work and meetings of the Council and ensures that actions are carried out legally and properly. An important part of the Clerk's role is to maintain financial records. The Council has the services of a lengthsman, whose time and payment are shared with another Parish Council locally.

Each year, the Council predicts its budget precept for the following financial year. This sum is then collected as a part of the Council Tax, along with payments for the work of the Borough Council, County Council, Police and emergency services. The Parish Council then meets its expenses for the services it provides, together with a fund which is available to provide grants to organisations or causes which the Council considers appropriate. Grants are awarded normally in January, although exceptional projects which arise during the other parts of the year may also be considered.

The Parish Council is a statutory body, to be consulted on planning applications within the Parish. It does not decide the applications. If the Parish Council objects to an application, that objection will be considered along with other representations, by the decision making body. The Parish Council welcomes contributions and information from members of the public to assist them in deciding what representations or objections it may wish to make.

Powers & Duties

Discusses and negotiates with decision-making bodies, such as Ribble Valley Borough Council and Lancashire County Council including being a statuory consultee for planning permissions in the Parish

Raises money, (parish precept), to cover costs, which appears on your Council Tax bill

Applies for other funding and allocates grants and awards to local voluntary and charitable organisations for project that benefit the community

Maintains Vale Gardens on King Street and Whalley Parish Church – Saint Marys and All Saints, Church Walk

Jointly owns, (along with Whalley and Barrow Parish Councils), Whalley, Wiswell and Barrow Cemetery and contributes towards its upkeep

Raises queries with relevant authorities: Ribble Valley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, Police, Environment Agency and United Utilities

Employs a Lengthsman to carry out maintenance around the village, keeping it clean and tidy

Other Useful Websites

Reporting a highway problem - 0300 123 6780
Ribble Valley Borough Council - 01200 425111
Whalley and Billington Flood Action Group
Allotments- call Saint Mary's and All Saints Church Office - 01254 823249

Latest News

Whalley Parish Council Meeting Thursday 18th August 2022 7.30pm preceeded by the Planning Committee Meeting at 7pm.
Whalley Parish Council Meeting Thursday 18th August 2022 7.30pm preceeded by the Planning Committee Meeting at 7pm.


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LCC Consumer Alerts – August 2022