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Hidden away on Clitheroe Road, between the villages of Whalley and Barrow, this lovely, secluded area provides a peaceful setting for this charming Cemetery. The main area of the Cemetery is lawn and given to traditional grave plots.

There are two distinct areas: one side is given to the Roman Catholic faith and the other to the Church of England and other faiths. Pathside plots (for the interment of ashes), edge the lawn section on the Church of England side, as are those under the hedgerow at the Roman Catholic side. The lawn area is cared for by a Groundsman who attends on a fortnightly basis during the summer months and once per month in winter

There is also a woodland area, (exclusively for the interment of ashes), which offers a truly beautiful alternative to a traditional burial. Bounded by a stream, plots are set among mature trees, providing the perfect setting in which to remember loved ones. Paths have been laid so that the area can be navigated and there are benches where one can sit and contemplate. This area is left mostly wild, with only minimal interference, to encourage the natural habitat.

Visiting Times

There are no restrictions on visiting times, however, children must be accompanied by an adult and dogs must be kept on a lead and cleared up after as and when necessary.


There is no car park as such but there is a turning circle and entrance area, although these may have to be kept clear if there is a burial in progress. There is also unrestricted parking on the main road.


Jointly owned by Whalley, Wiswell and Barrow Parish Councils, the Cemetery is managed by the Whalley, Wiswell and Barrow Joint Burial Committee made up of councillors from all three parishes. Councillors David Sleight and John Threlfall represent Whalley Parish Council. The day-to-day administration is carried out by the Registrar, Lynne Olesinski (Contact 01254 722811 during office hours) or