Friends Against Scams

27th of March, 2024

Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards Scams Team (NTSST) initiative that aims to prevent and protect people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to “Take a stand against scams”.

  • You can become a Friend Against Scams by completing the free interactive online learning session in the comfort of your own home or by attending a free awareness session run in your local area. These are 45-minute interactive sessions run across England, Wales and Northern Ireland that educate people about different types of scams, how to spot and support a victim and actions you can take as a Friend to raise awareness and protect your community against scammers.
  • You can download a Help to manage finances and avoid scams for people at risk and those that support them document
  • Friends Against Scams provides a list of ideas of actions you can take as a Friend, to raise awareness and protect your community against scammers. 
  • You can become a SCAM Champion by completing a short, 10-minute extra training session that equips you to run local Friends Against Scams awareness sessions. SCAM Champions also have access to resources on the NTSST website to learn more about scams and how to identify them and spread that knowledge among your community.


Eleanor Adshead

LANPAC Co-ordinator

Lancashire Partnership Against Crime (LANPAC)

T: 01772 412372